Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Is Dr. Wendy?

Before I start submitting my articles, I thought it would be nice to give my readers the chance to get to know a little bit about me. First and foremost, I am Mom to seven wonderful children. My first three children are married and have children of their own. (So far, I have 12 grandchildren, with number 13 on the way!)
When my first three children were small, I decided to homeschool them. We lived on a farm, so in addition to traditional book work, there were many learning opportunities. My children learned how to plant and care for crops as well as how to take care of various animals. We had cows, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese, and quail. It was during this time that I became interested in alternative health. We were already eating better than most people, rarely buying any food from a store. We milked cows and goats. We made butter and yogurt. The meat we ate was from animals we raised, free from antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids. We ground our grain and made our bread. We were about as close to self sufficient as you can get in this day and age.

It wasn't long before I began to get interested in herbs. I started growing some, which progressed to making my own herbal capsules and tinctures. It was at this point that I decided I wanted to know more about alternative health. I began taking classes and quickly earned my BS in Natural Health. I immediately started work on my Master's Degree. Soon after starting it, my husband and I decided we wanted more children. I had had my tubes tied after my third child was born, and always regretted it, and now my husband admitted he wanted more kids. I was ecstatic. I had a tubal reversal and six days later, I conceived. I had three children relatively quickly, and I was still committed to homeschooling. My own studies got shoved to the back burner. When I realized I was pregnant with my 4th reversal child, I was in a state of shock, as my body had given me signs that I wasn't fertile anymore. But unplanned does not mean unwanted, and my surprise child has been as much a blessing as my other children. When she became less demanding, I decided it was time to get back to work on my MS. I had done a lot of reading throughout the years, so it wasn't too difficult to finish up. Even before finishing though, I began working on my Doctor of Naturopathy at another school. I finished it shortly after obtaining my Master's. Currently, I am working on my PhD in Natural Medicine.

I have learned a lot, both from studying, and from raising 7 children and caring for hundreds of animals. I will be using this blog as a place to share some of my knowledge. I will be writing about various aspects of alternative health, including nutrition, special diets, fasting, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and herbology. It is my hope to pass on the things I learned to as many people as possible.

One word of caution. I am not a Medical Doctor. Nothing I write is to be construed as medical advice. My writings are based solely on my opinions formed from my personal research and experience. If you have any questions pertaining to your health, please seek the advice of your health care provider. 

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