Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Happened At Wendy's In Lawrenceburg, KY

A mom picked up her daughter from dance class. They had about an hour's drive to their home and decided to get a bite to eat. They stopped in at Wendy's in Lawrenceburg, KY. Both mom and daughter ordered the same thing: chili, small fries, and a frosty. The frosties were put on the tray first. Then, the cashier (who incidentally had sores on her arms) dished up the chili and reached over the frosties to set them down. Her arm brushed the tops of the frosties. She apologized and said she didn't know which one she got. The mom said she could see the marks in both frosties. The cashier got mad and angrily grabbed both frosties. She came back moments later. It seemed kind of quick and the mother thought the frosties looked kind of funny. She had seen enough of those TV shows were restaurant employees got angry and spit in their customer's food. She carried the tray to a table, wondering what to do. Looking more at the frosties, she realized they definitely were the same ones, that the tops had just been scraped off.

What would you do? Would you think it was safe to eat and to just let it go? After a minute or two of comtemplation, she carried the frosties to the manager and asked to see the ones that had been thrown away. The cashier looked a bit shaken, but another worker stepped right up and said he had already carried the garbage out. The manager assured the woman that he had been the one to throw them away. The woman said she would still like to see them. The manager went to the back of the store and returned to the front carrying another garbage bag saying it wasn't in that one, but he did see the ones that were thrown away. It wasn't till later the woman realized the change in his story.

She decided not to make a scene, at least not then. She took the frosties back to the table and she and her daughter picked at them but just couldn't bring themselves to finish them.

You can bet Wendy's main office and the local health department will be hearing about this... In the mean time, this woman sure is hoping those sores weren't scabies!

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  1. GAGS!!! Oh yuck, I'd have thrown a massive fit and demanded my money back for my whole meal.